Multi-Agent Based Healthcare Interface Manager

Kambiz Houshiaryan*1), Il Kon Kim1), Yun Sik Kwak1), Nguyen Hoang Phuong1)

1)Intelligent Health Information Sharing System Development Ce

Abstract : Many systems and software are designed to support specific work tasks in clinical work. Many steps in the right direction have been made to help the promotion of healthcare. However, the lack of agreement among physicians to use the same medical record have made problem for integrating information systems within healthcare. This complication is seldom supported by the technology. This paper introduces a Computer Based Healthcare Interface Manager (which is a part of Interface Engine Version (2.4) project) to work as a middleware software. This interface allows medical staff to request data from the hospital information system database's using forms displayed on a web browser and enables the web server to return updated and dynamic web pages based on the user's requests and profile. Each return includes the total Medical record for a patient within HL7 Message that can be cut down by developers for different use.
keyword : Hospital Information System, Multi Agent Platform, HL7 Message.


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