Message Structure Table에 기반을 둔 HL7 메시지 생성 및 해석 알고리즘 개발

엄기성*1), 조훈1), 김일곤1), 곽연식1)

1)경북대학교 의과대학 의료정보학교실

Abstract : Recent commercial HL7 interface software packages are mostly based on 'Object Oriented Programming(OOP)' method as a programming technique. HL7 application programming is difficult and thus found to be impractical. Moreover, the packages are expensive. This study suggests a new algorithm for generating and parsing HL7 message using the 'Message Structure Table' that contains information about rule of message composition. Because this algorithm applies simple sequencing processes within repetitive related structure(e.g. 'While Loop'), this HL7 message structure can be easily recognized the programmer who is developing HL7 applications. This 'Message Structure Table' is constructed from selecting fundamental information from 'Attribute Table', and is also supported by component and sub-component structure for each element. The preliminary results have shown that observed due to parsing delimiter symbol '∼'. Except for problem related this delimiter symbol, the result of experiment strongly indicates that this algorithm can be effectively used to analyze HL7 messages with ease.
keyword : HL7, Message Structure, Algorithm, Message Generating, Message Parsing


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