PDA용 임상의사결정시스템 (Clinical Decision Support System : CDSS) 개발



Abstract : Recent studies have shown the benefits of using clinical guidelines in the practice of medicine [1]. Utilizing guidelines such as standard care plans, critical pathways and protocols in various clinical settings may lead to a reduction of practice variability and patient care costs, while improving patient care. Use of decision support systems that incorporate such guidelines offer promising possibilities for guideline implementation. In this paper, we describe and discuss our works which facilitates the development of clinical guildine applications for first year of our project as part of ETRI project. firstly, we have modeled knowledge base of three different domain such as urticaria, Alzheimer's disease, Thyroid disease to implement each pilot CDSS in architecture we designed to assist the clinical practice. secondly, we developed a clinical decision support system on PDA which can be easily record and retrieve. Through this first investigation, we considered that proper comprehension and necessity about clinical decision support system(CDSS) generally.
keyword : CDSS, knowledge representation, urticaria diagnosis, Alzheimer's disease, Thyroid disease, PDA


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