ICNP(International Classification for Nursing Practice)를 기반으로 한 암환자 간호정보시스템 개발



Abstract : The purpose of this study was to develop the ICNP based cancer nursing information system according to the framework of nursing process and to evaluate the usability by applying it to the cancer nursing practice.The system was developed based on System Development Life Cycle. The procedure of system development was as follows. First, at the system planning stage, the ICNP based standardized statements which would be used in the cancer nursing information system was developed. Second, at the system analysis stage, data flow diagram was drawn after determining the development range of cancer nursing information system. Third, at the system design stage, input/output screen and database of cancer nursing information system was designed according to the data flow diagram. Fourth, at the system implementation stage, the problems of system was identified after demonstration of cancer nursing information system, education for users and exhibition operation of system and then the problems were corrected and complemented. Finally, at the system evaluation stage, user satisfaction and system usability about the developed cancer nursing information system were evaluated. Therefore, it is considered that the cancer nursing information system developed in this study can contribute to improvement of clinical usability under the nursing process and to enlargement of range of nursing records. In addition, the present system was based on ICNP, a standardized unified nursing terminology system, for controlling data related to cancer nursing effectively. The cancer nursing information system in this study can be used in continuous nursing service, follow-up care and research effectively for the patient in the whole nursing field as well as the patients with cancer and can promote the use of nursing classification system like ICNP.
keyword : ICNP, nursing process, cancer patients, nursing information system


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