Query Expansion Using UMLS Metathesaurus on Medical information Retrieval

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1)서울대학교 의과대학 의공학교실

Abstract : The Metathesaurus of the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS MT) is one of the most useful and largest thesaurus to develop conceptual information retrieval system. This papers shows how the Metathesaurus can improve the retrieval performance for medical records and what requirements must consider to get best performance when we are going to adapt the Metathesaurus. We examined the retrieval performance of expanded query by the Metathesaurus with selected 4 original query in 5000 braintest results as a test collection. The Metatheasaurus for query expansion, our experiment results reveal that Metatheasaurus increase the retrieval performance than pure string match for retrieving relevant medical records. It is also however, required lexical processing such as stemming, phrase separation into each words. We has suggested the use of Metatheasaurus for retrieval effectiveness by query expansion.
keyword : UMLS, Metathesaurus, query expansion, retrieval performance, information retrieval(IR) system


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