Architecture design of new paradigm hospital information system based on web service

Hwa-Sun Kim*1), Jong-Hyuk Lee1), In-Hyuk Song2), II-Kon Kim2), Yun-Sik Kwak2), Hyung-Hoi Kim3)

1)Dept. of Medical Informatics, Kyungpook National University
2)Intelligent Health Information sharing system Development Ce
3)Dept. of Laboratory Medicine, Pusan National University Coll

Abstract : As old age population increases by fast that low birthrate and increase of average life, enlarged interest about people's health caused much changes to health medical treatment. However, hospital information system until now geographical and Regional, became independent by time. So, We have encountered unexpected difficulties to achieve information sharing and standard. Therefore, though constructed application programs and system handle organic connection business so far, much problems were caused. Request of public ownership between medical institution of patient medical examination and medical information and practical use of health medical information system that is spreading rapidly the latest here require smoothness among several other medical information system mutually. The Goal of this research is that develop doing to support a health recording administration of patient center while service system or component itself supports necessary presence at a laboratory information, PACS, various body signal informations, prescription information, diagnosis information, admission, discharge information and transcript so that part, whole correction is available by maintenance and real time adaptively on hospital a requirement early system.
keyword : Hospital information system, Information sharing, Standard


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