Implementation of user-oriented virtual ECG system

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Abstract : At present, due to increasing death from a disorder of the circulatory system, it is important making use of an electrocardiograph efficiently. It is impossible to modify its functions of the legacy electrocardiograph on demand of user requirements, to classify systematically, and to retain permanently an electrocardiogram on which are represented a strip chart recorder and/or scope. These problems can be solved by the electrocardiograph is simple to be modified its functions by user's needs and stores up digital ECG data. This paper virtualizes the electrocardiograph using LabVIEWTM, a virtual instrument development tool, to implement the ECG system that is easy to be modified its function by average clinical researchers who are not a good software programmer and generates digitalized ECG data. The virtual instrument based ECG system allows to composing its functions simply on user aims and environments using intuitive, simple and well-organized graphical programming code and easily extensible virtual instrument components, and it is possible to be utilized the digitalized ECG data for research of an intelligent electrocardiograph which diagnoses automatically the electrocardiogram and produces new knowledge. In the end, virtual instrument based ECG system can do a great deal for building the knowledge based healthcare system.
keyword : Electrocardiograph, Virtual instrument, LabVIEW


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