UMLS Metathesaurus 2004의 새로운 파일구조 - Rich Release Format (RRF)의 소개

한승빈1), 김승희1), 최진욱*1)

1)서울대학교 의과대학 의공학교실

Abstract : The UMLS Metathesaurus is a syntactically uniform, concept-based, semantically enhanced representation of many of the world뭩 authoritative biomedical vocabularies. As vocabularies become standards for reimbursement, reporting, interoperation, and use by applications, the vocabulary obtained from the Metathesaurus must be consistent with that obtainable from each vocabulary뭩 authority. In this paper, we describe the new release format of UMLS Metathesaurus focused on major changes. Effective with the first 2004 release, the Metathesaurus represents new and updated sources 뱓ransparently??both users and applications are able to 뱒ee?each vocabulary in the Metathesaurus without any of the small losses of information introduced by abstractions used in previous versions. Thus, the Metathesaurus can continue to provide its many semantic and lexical value-added features while guaranteeing that original sources will be 뱕isible봧n intact form.
keyword : Unified Medical Language System, Medical Informatics, Controlled Vocabulary, Information Systems, Metathesaurus



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