WAP을 이용한 Windows CE .NET 기반의 병원정보시스템 개발

김승광*1), 김호년2)

1)영진전문대학 컴퓨터정보기술계열
2)계명대학교 동산의료원 전산운영팀

Abstract : This paper was written for supplying simple and complicated services on the wire/wireless network. We built up the WAP Gateway Server, the technological foundation of which is WAP, and this WAP based gateway system enables the mutual exchangeable business and the real-time mobile business. The PDA or cellular phone of which technological basis is the Windows CE .NET enables connecting the hospital information system and getting its useful information easily. If the Ubiquitous environment comes, it will play an important part in U-Hospital(Ubiquitous Hospital) and enable prompt action against the system fault and manage the systems efficiently, and enlarge the human resources as well.
keyword : WAP, Windows CE .NET, Hospital Information System, U-Hospital(Ubiquitous Hospital)


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