A Korean MeSH Keyword Suggestion System for Medical Paper Indexing

이재성*1), 오영순2), 한상희2), 이영성3)

1)충북대학교 컴퓨터교육과
2)충북대학교 교육대학원 정보컴퓨터전공
3)충북대학교 의료관리학과

Abstract : Indexing medical documents is important to retrieve medical information efficiently, but it is labor intensive and an annoying task for indexers or authors. This paper presents that whether an automatic indexing program can help the human task for Korean medical keyword indexing. We developed an automatic indexing program using Korean MeSH (K-MeSH) and evaluated the performance as compared with technical indexers and authors. The result was that the current program's performance was much lower than technical indexers', but it was same as the authors' performance. It showed that it is very affirmative to develop the automatic indexing program to help authors at least, and to help technical indexers with improving the program by enriching K-MeSH and utilizing the thesaurus information.
keyword : MeSH, Korean medical keyword, automatic indexing, thesaurus


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