FCA를 이용한 임상서식지의 체계화: OO병원의 사례

황석형*1), 강유경1), 김홍기2), 김명기2)

1)선문대학교 컴퓨터정보학부 온톨로지기반 소프트웨어공학연구실
2)서울대학교 치과대학

Abstract : Ontology in clinical domains is becoming a core research field in the realm of medical informatics. The objective of our ongoing research is to explore the potential role of Formal Concept Analysis(FCA) in a context-based ontology building support in a clinical domain. The concept hierarchy plays an important role as the backbone of ontology, but its construction is a complex and time-consuming process. We present a novel approach to the automatic acquisition of taxonomies or concept hierarchies from clinical documents. The approach is based on FCA, a mathematical tool used in data analysis and knowledge engineering. FCA is based on a binary relation between objects and attributes. It provides methods to group objects and attributes into concepts, pairs of object-sets and attribute-sets, such that the binary relation can be presented in a concept lattice. In this article we show how FCA can be used to acquire a concept hierarchy for the medical domain out of the clinical documents with maximal property factorization.
keyword : Ontology, Formal concept analysis, Conceptualization, Concept hierarchy, Clinical documents


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