DISCERN 평가 도구를 이용한 대장암 웹 사이트 정보의 질 평가

손대경1)2), 이진석1)3), 이영성*1)3)

1)과학기술부 한국과학재단 의학연구정보센터
2)국립암센터 대장암센터
3)충북대학교 의과대학 의료정보학및관리학교실

Abstract : There are many websites providing medical information, but the quality of these websites relating to colorectal cancer remains to be clarified. This study was performed to evaluate the quality of the information of websites providing on colorectal cancer. Firstly, sites were identified using four major domestic search engines, and were classified as administrator. And then, 12 sites (including two foreign sites) were assessed using 'DISCERN' instrument for reliability and quality of information on treatment choices by two surgical oncologists. Total 297 sites were identified using the search term 'colorectal cancer'. Excluding dead links or duplicated sites, 148 sites were identified. Being classified as administrator of websites, about 80% of websites were identified as private or local hospital sites. As evaluating domestic site by DISCERN, there were serious or important shortcomings in terms of the ! quality of information on treatment choices as well as reliability.
keyword : Colorectal cancer, Internet, Information, Website, Quality evaluation


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