BioGPS: 상호참조 시각화를 통한 생물학 테이터베이스들간 연관 자료 검색 시스템

김민구1), 김주한*1)

1)서울대학교 의과대학 생물의료정보학교실

Abstract : Many biological databases provide gene-by-gene view of the genome while researchers rarely think a gene at a time. BioGPS is a web-based application for a guided navigation across biological databases with cross-reference visualization. BioGPS (1) visualizes cross-reference network diagram around an input identifier, and (2) resolves the counterpart identifiers in a target database from an input identifier describing how they are connected. BioGPS is useful for researchers who need to assess information across multiple database
keyword : Cross-reference, visualization, biological databases


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