Ontology를 기반으로한 환자 의무기록의 작성체계의 구축에 관한 연구


1)서울대학교 치과대학 구강병리학교실
2)서울대학교 의과학지식 및 온톨로지관리기술개발센터

Abstract : The Ontology is now used widely in the all field of information management system including medicine. It is accepted as a very important and useful strategy for constructing stable and reusable medical terminology and electronic medical records. In neat future, it will be the most powerful model for storing, retrieving and communicating the patient-centered medical record in the semantic network. But there is still a great deal of skepticism on the real usability of the ontology-based medical description system. In this paper, GALEN is used as a base of constructing conceptual model of medical record and GRAIL is used for constructing practical ontology based description of patient data. This model can be translated easily into other ontology based system such as protege and OWL. Ontology and semantic web has real power in field of medicine which demand explicit data with full expressivity and enough speed for dealing with the huge amount of stored medical data which has to used in everyday practices.
keyword : Ontology, GALEN, Protege, GRAIL, OpenKnowME, Electronic Medical Record



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