Developing a call service model for the national cancer information

Yoon Jung Chang1), Kim Hee Jung1), Hang-In Noh1), Shin Kyoung-min1), Kim Jeong Min1), Min Kyung Lim1), Kim Chu-bong1), Kim Hye Young1), Sukil Kim2), Yung-Ho Jo1), Keon Wook Kang*1)

1)국립암센터 국가암관리사업지원평가연구단 암역학관리연구부 암
2)가톨릭대학교 예방의학교실

Abstract : In advanced countries, there is reliable and customized cancer information based on the scientific methods for people and cancer patients. However, there is no national cancer information service in our country in fact. To supply the reliable customized cancer information based on the scientific methods, correcting, evaluating, and processing the related documentation must be necessary. This study is to construct a database management and change people's awareness of cancer. In addition, it gives a direction for supplying cancer information effectively a call service model.
keyword : cancer information, call service


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