K-EMR 시스템 : 건국대학교병원 통합 병원정보시스템

In-Sik Lee1), Moo-Kyung Seong*1), Hee-Gyung Joe1), Gi-Tae Han2)

1)EMR Development Team, Konkuk University Hospital, Seoul 143-
2)Medical Information Team, Konkuk University Hospital, Seoul

Abstract : The K-EMR system, comprehensive Hospital Information System of Konkuk University Hospital was developed at the same time and established successfully on 1st August, 2005. We introduced the K-EMR system and its components. It was focused on the characteristics and developmental strategies of the K-EMR system. In the future, we wish it provide some help to the establishment of the Electronic Health Records System and other Hospital Information Systems.
keyword : K-EMR, EMR, HIS, electronic medical records, hospital information system, Konkuk university hostpital


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