A Transmission with the Personal Digital Assistants from the Hospital Information System using HL7 CDA

Hwa Sun Kim1), Kyoung Wook Hwang1), Hune Cho*1), Yun Sik Kwak1)

1)Department of Medical Informatics, Kyungpook National Univer

Abstract : In general, hospital information system should provide interoperability hat usually and operate independence of other HIS. This study proposes HIS-content on mobile devices like Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)that can be implemented within HL7 CDA and XML schema design. CDA has proved to be a powerful standard for a structured exchange of clinical documents between heterogeneous software systems like HIS. We report on the design goals, implemented functionality, interoperability and availability on different devices like mobile computers. In this study, by storing and extracting the medical data related with the discharge of the hospital through the CDA, for the effective interchange and sharing of the information, maximum utilization of the in formation can be achieved. Also, propose method for electronic patient records of CDA base.
keyword : Hospital Information System, HL7 CDA, PDA.


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