A Study on U-Healthcare Service using Mobile Phone for elderly patients

이선희1), 하규섭*2), 장학철3), 이학종4), 정우영5), 김주영6), 유동현1), 이숭복7), 이승재7)

1)분당서울대학교병원 의료정보팀
2)분당서울대학교병원 신경정신과
3)분당서울대학교병원 내분비내과
4)분당서울대학교병원 진단방사선과
5)분당서울대학교병원 심장센터
6)분당서울대학교병원 건강증진센터
7)KT U-health 팀

Abstract : Recently the interest of U-Health using ubiquitous system has been increased with development of IT technology. We investigated the effectiveness of U-Healthcare service for elderly patients. The mobile phone of U-Healthcare service and instruments of blood glucose measurement and ECG were developed for this service. Approximately 22.01% and 40.3% of recorded data blood glucose measurement and ECG were not transferred or abnormally transferred. The satisfaction points(10 as a perfect score) about measurement instruments and u-health services for blood glucose and ECG were observed 8.59 point, 9.01 point and 5.79 point, 7.29 point.
keyword : U-Health, mobile phone, elderly patient, self monitoring blood glucose(SMBG), ECG



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