Nurses perceptions and attitudes

김영아1), 박인숙*1), 주영희1), 우경선1), 신현주1), 최완희1), 정은희1), 오필주1), 강미정1), 유옥수1)

1)서울대학교 간호정보위원회

Abstract : In an effort to investigate nurses' perception and attitude toward an effect of the electronic nursing record system, a survey carried out before 1 month and after 6 months of the implementation of the ENR system. This study sampled 904 nurses in a University Hospital, collected demographic data, perception and attitude toward ENR system. The results showed Nurses' perceptions to the efficiency of ENR programs and attitudes after using ENR program were generally increased and positive. But perceptions after using ENR program were slightly decreased. Some correlations were found between perceptions/attitudes and years of nursing experience/nursing units. Education and reinforcement would be necessary to improve nurses' perceptions and attitudes toward the ENR system.
keyword : ENR, Nurses' perception and attitude


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