Design of Nursing Recoding System on Based wireless PDA for Efficient Point of Care

Hwa Sun Kim1), Eun Hye Ji2), Eun Joo Lee2), Hune Cho*1)

1)Department of Medical Informatics, Kyungpook National Univer
2)Department of nursing, kyungpook National University School

Abstract : Nursing recoding systems with decision support have been developed to assist with nursing diagnosis, intervention and outcomes, but many of the features of these programs are not properly used in their clinical application. The aim of this study was to increase the real-time point of care recoding behavior of nurses. For purposes of this study, nursing diagnosis and recording system that is based on standard terminology system based wireless PDA. Therefore, enhance standardization of nursing recording and quality of nursing information. And nurses can be instrumental in implementing changes to improve patient safety. Targeted interventions can yield improvements. This study demonstrates that educational interventions along with performance monitoring and feedback can have an impact on real-time and point of care recoding.
keyword : Nursing recoding systems, point of care, PDA


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