Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) from a Physician's Perspectives during Implementation

Seung Kwon Hong*1), Mi sun Lim2), Hye Suk Lee2), Kyung Hwan Kim11), Jung Wook Seo11)

1)College of Medicine, Seoul National University
2)Department of medical record, Seoul National University Hos

Abstract : Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate factors affecting satisfaction of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in the Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) from a physician's perspectives. A methodology design including quantitative measures was used. The quantitative design included administration of a survey instrument containing 6 items to cover characteristics of the user's population in SNUH. A sample of 327 users was selected including medical sectors for the study. Of the 1997 questionnaires distributed, 327 users responded. The overall response rate was 16.5 %. It is more satisfaction of EMR that pharmacy and technician sector than physician sector after implementing the EMR system. Of the total respondents, there was a significant association between functional performance of EMR and satisfaction with EMR, (p < 0.01). In addition, physicians stated other factors that actually affected satisfaction of the EMR systems in SNUH. Among these factors, summary note of discharge and operation factors are most correlation with satisfaction. Based on the above factors, The CEO of Hospital should consider these factors for implementation of the EMR systems. The CEO should focus on enhancing the role of physician in the implementation of the EMR systems. Future studies should include qualitative study for the EMR. In addition, more studies related to physician's role in implementation of EMR system in specific, and the Information Technology field in general, should be encouraged. Finally, description of a physician's perspectives during EMR implementation will be beneficial to understand factors affecting the satisfaction of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
keyword : EMR, user's satisfaction, Physician's perspectives, Implementation


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