u-헬스케어 표준화 교육 프로그램 개발 연구

나민영*1), 이한준1)

1)육군사관학교 전자정보학과

Abstract : u-healthcare represents ubiquitous health care. It means that all the medical care can be served in anytime, in anywhere by using ubiquitous computing technology. By the fast progress of information technology, u-healthcare generation will come to be realized in near future. Like in all kinds of foreign trades, in u-healthcare area standardization is very important. So the need for the systematic standardization educational program to help and strengthen our u-healthcare industry is increasing. In this paper, we investigate present standardization educational programs and suggest a synthetic and systematic program that contains not only education for u-healthcare standard but also technology and knowledge related on u-healthcare.
keyword : healthcare, u-healthcare, ubiquitous computing, standardization



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