FCA기반 임상의사결정지원시스템의 구축

강유경*1), 황석형1), 김홍기2), 백승학2), 김동순1), 김응희1), 양경모1), 양성권1)

1)선문대학교 컴퓨터정보학부
2)서울대학교 치과대학

Abstract : Formal concept analysis(FCA) is a method of data analysis and knowledge representation that takes an input data table specifying domain information as a set of objects, properties and relationships between them, and, extract natural clusters of object and attribute from the data tables. The objective of our ongoing research is to explore the potential role of Formal concept analysis in a medical domain, and develop a FCA-based Clinical Decision Support System for doctors at the department of orthodontics by applying FCA to the results of Cephalometic analysis. The proposed CDSS was implemented based on the FCA, and enables the classification and retrieval of data by using formal concept analysis. The CDSS can also automatically extract concepts and build concept hierarchies from the clinical datasets. We have shown that FCA can be useful method to classify and analyze various clinical data by constructing concept hierarchies. From that concept hierarchies, we can acquire well-structures facts and knowledges in medical domain.
keyword : Formal Concept Analysis, Clinical Decision Support System, Cephalometric analysis


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