Design and Implementation of Outpatient Functional Test Interface System

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Abstract : The purpose of this work is to design and implement of OFT(outpatient functional test) interface system which is possible the on-line and real-time transmission. In many general hospital or clinic, the information system was built such as EMR(Electronic Medical Record), OCS(Order Communication System) and PACS(Picture Archiving Communication System). But in the side of outpatient functional test, clinical test results have been stored using OCR(Optical Character Reader) system or paper. The main problem is that each result of OFT equipments in clinic have specific and various data format. For the solution of this problem, we unify all the output of equipments through the translation of the output to the image file using BLACK ICE Software. And we made user interface system by Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. The interface system acquire and save OFT data interlocked with EMR and OCS constructed in hospital. Medical staffs are able to real-time search and read the OFT result using this system in PC linked with network. In conclusion, we expect that hospital will give more speedy service to patients and patient`s satisfactions will be more increased.
keyword : OFT(Outpatient Functional Test) Interface System, BLACK ICE, EMR, MS-SQL, JPEG


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