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Abstract : The HL7 message is a standard for exchanging data in hospital information system. Generally, we need to use the HL7 Engine that helps HL7 message processing (message generation, message verify, message parsing) for exchanging information easily and fast using HL7 international standard message. The HL7 Engine needs to be optimized according to handled messages and it is need to be created automatically by some tool. The HL7 Message Toolkit creates such optimized HL7 Engine. To process HL7 Message structure information for developing HL7 Message Toolkit, we should decide to use which media among database and file. Specially, the most important thing in selection of media is the data processing speed. So we simulated processing speed about database and file(XML format) using various method in this paper. In the case of database, we measure the speed by two methods, ODBC and OLE-DB, using MS Access database. In the case of file(XML format), we measure the speed by two methods, XPath and normal DOM tree search using MS XML DOM Parser because the file has XML format to express HL7 message structure information. And we compared processing speed about 4 method and defined necessary elements for processing HL7 message structure information. In this paper, we describe programs used in each method and properties to compare processing speed. Lastly we suggest which methodology of 4 methodologies is fastest methodology.
keyword : HL7, HL7 v2.x, XML, Database, XML DOM Parser, Hospital Information System, ODBC, OLE-DB, XPath, Processing Time, HL7 Engine, Toolkit


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