HL7 메시지를 처리하는 HL7 Engine을 생성해 주는 HL7 Message Toolkit 설계와 개발

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Abstract : In the healthcare domain necessity of sharing healthcare information is rising, so the international standard HL7 message that supports sharing healthcare information is more and more important. But system developers in hospital are not easy they create and process HL7 messages. So we designed the architecture of the HL7 Message Toolkit that helps dealing with HL7 messages and developed it which supports generating the HL7 Engine easily. Also the HL7 Message Toolkit has the function for creating more compact HL7 Engine in each department and other additional functions as message browser, help provider, message optimizer, message profile manager etc. In this paper, Architecture of the HL7 Message Toolkit is divided by 3 parts and each part's main purpose is explained and developed programs in each part are introduced. So if developers in hospital use the HL7 Message Toolkit for sharing healthcare information using HL7 Message, we describe what advantages and helps are given to them.
keyword : HL7, HL7 v2.x, HL7 Engine, HL7 Message Toolkit, Hospital Information System


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