ebXML을 이용한 PDA 가정 호스피스 정보시스템

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1)경북대학교 컴퓨터과학과
2)경북대학교 의료정보학과

Abstract : Recently, electronic recording and systematic data management for home hospice information systems are becoming more important. Therefore, home hospice information system on the PDA for the on-site use is needed. We developed the home hospice information system for PDA to create the health records in the form of XML documents and transfer those records to other health information systems through ebXML messaging protocol. The developed application supports information sharing between multiple PDAs and information transfer to other clinical organizations when patient visit or in emergency. The PC version of this system enables statistical analysis on hospice data and makes up for the weak points of PDA's I/O.
keyword : hospice, ebXML, mobile device, XML, PDA



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