HL7 프로토콜을 이용한 임상검사장비의 통합 인터페이스 구현 ; 폐기능 검사장비와 혈액검사장비의 인터페이스

Sun-Chil Kim2), Hune Cho*1), Il-Kon Kim1), Yun-Sik Kwak1)

1)경북대학교 의과대학 의료정보학교실
2)대구보건대학 방사선과

Abstract : Abstract: Healthcare specialists these days are concerned about the way patient test results are processed in the hospital. One of the prerequisites for the introduction of the electronic medical chart into the hospital is the computerization of all the medical information. At the same time, the disparate test devices used in the hospital should be computerized as well. In addition, a standardized methodology for the storage and transmission of clinical test results should be paralleled. This paper examined a possibility of interconnecting and computerizing the three clinical test devices in the pulmonary function test room, which have different result formats and disparate transmission methods. ASTM international standard specification for messaging protocol made it possible to coordinate the two types of programs and interlink them to the medical information system in the facility. By introducing such a standardized, integrated system into the hospital, the patient waiting time for test has been reduced, the analysis of test results has been synchronized, and work-flow at the test room has been enhanced positively. The test reliability has improved as a results. Also, this practice has become a new paradigm for the interface between test devices and healthcare facilities.
keyword : HL7, ASTM, Clinical device


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