caAdapter를 활용한 HL7 V3 메시지 생성과 DB2caAdapter 매핑 도구 개발

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Abstract : In order to share information in Hospital Information System and Electronic Health Record system, exchange of message is essential. HL7 Version 3 message is XML format which is reusable and this is suitable for precise semantic expression and flexible construction of contents. In this study, we examined and analyzed caAdapter and HL7 V3 message design method to create HL7 V3 message. And we implemented mapping tool between database and caAdapter in order to automate HL7 V3 message creation using data inside of database in HIS. Using this tool, HL7 V3 message could be created easily and effectively. We also analyzed other method of HL7 V3 message creation. The HL7 V3 message which is created by this method could be interoperated with other system harmoniously.
keyword : HL7, HL7 V3 Message, caAdapter, message exchange, Hospital Information System


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