The Effects of Electronic Kardex of Nursing Shift Report

Sunkyung Kim*1), Kyounnam Kim1), Yeonkeum Kim1), Sangsoon Seo1), Youngju Hong1), Yoonju Kim1)

1)Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Abstract : This study was conducted to evaluate the reduction of Shift Change Time and the Nurses' Satisfaction in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, where the Verbal Shift Report of nurses using Electronic Medical Record was changed to the Electronic Kardex Nursing Shift Report. It was developed for 18 General Units and 3 ICU of SNUBH from February to September, 2006. Electronic Kardex was developed through the first revision. The Shift Change Time of nurses was to be put on record. The Shift Change Time of Units was changed from 34.1 min to 29.4 min (p=0.000), which proved to be statistically significant. So was that of ICU, which was from 31.7 min to 25.0 min. (p=0.000) The Nurses' Satisfaction was checked by 16 items and the higher the more positive. The score was 3.15 average for Units and 3.14 for ICU. We propose that the Electronic Kardex Shift Report should be revised them regularly, focusing on the items which turned out to be unsatisfactory. This method was proved to be very efficient in reducing the Shift Change Time of nurses, which resulted in the increase of direct nursing and the satisfaction of patients and care givers.
keyword : Nursing Shift Report, Electronic Kardex, Shift Change Time, Nurses' Satisfaction



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