Hybrid-EHR을 위한 의무기록서식의 온톨로지 개념모델링을 통한 서식축 구축 및 활용

유정숙*1), 채영문2), 김홍기3), 박경모4), 호승희2)

1)Medical Record Services, Hospital, National Cancer Center
2)Graduate School of Public Health, Yonsei Univ
3)School of Dentistry, Seoul National Univ
4)Department of Biomedical Engineering, Kyunghee Univ

Abstract : Except for the newly opened hospitals, many hospitals have to find an effective way for scanning the previous paper-based medical records and integrating them with the newly developed EMR. The purposes of this study were to present a way to maintain a linkage between the paper-based system and EMR by mapping document names and to develop the location point address for structuring image documents. In addition, this study also proposed the ontology-based document format that may be effectively used for searching for various medical records. The results were classified by the FCA tool and validated for accuracy by comparing with the actual patient charts. Based on the validated document axes and other information, the Document Information Model was developed by using the Protege/OWL. This paper developed the ontology-based document axes by conceptualizing the hierarchy of document taxonomy and demonstrated its use in EHR and knowledge management systems.
keyword : Ontology, Concept Structure, Clinical document axes



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