Implementation of Medical Information Sharing System Based on EMR between University Hospital and Primary Clinic

조은영*1), 김종민2), 이학종3), 황희4), 윤호일5), 변남수6), 권장섭7), 안현순8), 유동현9), 최익순10), 하규섭11), 강흥식12)

1)분당서울대학교병원 의료정보팀
2)분당서울대학교병원 신경과/보안담당교수
3)분당서울대학교병원 진단방사선과/의료정보당당교수
4)분당서울대학교병원 소아과/의료정보담당보(유지보수)교수
5)분당서울대학교병원 내과 교수
9)분당서울대학교병원 의료정보팀
10)분당서울대학교병원 의료정보팀
11)분당서울대학교병원 기획조정실장
12)분당서울대학교병원 병원장

Abstract : The product of this research is medical cooperation system that can sharing medical information between university hospital and primary clinic. (5 clinic in Sungnam city) We focused on progression that medical information can be interchanged without delivery any any special chart or paper when patients move from university hospital to primary clinic. This research includes development of Gateway that compose the architecture to own the medical information in common, and manage the meta data of joint record and document, and create XML files based on CDA of HL7, the standard of clinical documents. Joint files for medical cooperation have data to help medical treatment like patients' basic data, diagnostic name, history, opinion, result of examination, order of medicine an etc. This files are encoded and we concentrated on security of patients' information to offer web service with SOAP between mutually-certificated gateway. Using this medical information sharing system, we can support clinical decision for medical treatment and diagnosis, and expect enhancement of medical service and reduction of duplicate prescription, over-examination and over-treatment. Furthermore dynamic transmission and sharing of medical information will be possible, that promote communication and efficiency between public medical service providers. As a result of that, we present practical information sharing model and expect that the experience from model apply will be preceding example in information sharing project of hereafter public-initiated-project, EHR establishment.
keyword : Medical Iinformation Sharing Syetem, CDA(Clinical Document Architecture),SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol), EHR(Electronic Health Record)


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