Row-Based 데이터 구조와 서버 기반 컴퓨팅을 통한 확장형 다기관 공동 연구 시스템 구현

박황백*1), 김도형1), 박희준2), 김윤년2)3)

1)계명대학교 보건의료정보 기술연구소
2)계명대학교 의과대학 의료정보학 교실
3)계명대학교 동산의료원 심장내과

Abstract : The database construction system for extensible multi-center trial has been designed and implemented. The purpose of this system is that it can be used to the research for multi-center trial, which supports the real-time input of necessary data and user friendly interface. For the realization of this system, the server-based computing environment was constructed, and the row-based data structure has been designed for simple change or addition of clinical item. This system for extensible multi-center trial is expected to used in many other field of multi-center trial.
keyword : Server Based Computing, Row Based Data Structure, Multi Center Trial


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