A Study on the DMMS(Digital Multimedia Management System) in the Medicine and Integration with EMR in National Police Hospital

Ho-Young Byun, M.S.1), Rae-Woong Park, M.D.1), Peom Park, Ph.D.2), Eun-Sung Kim3), Hyung-Taek Sim4), Byung-Ook Seoung4), Insil Lee, M.D.5), Min-Koo Cho, M.D.5), Young Taeg Koh, M.D.*5)

1)Department of Medical Informatics, Ajou University School of
2)Department of Industrial & Information Systems Engineering,
3)Research Institute, Humintec Co.,Ltd., Su-Won, Kyung-Gi
4)Healthcare Solution Team, LG CNS Co.,Ltd., Seoul
5)National Police Hospital, Seoul

Abstract : The DMMS (Digital Multimedia Management System) is designed for the physicians to acquire high quality video and still images from the endoscope, arthroscope, surgical microscope, etc. High quality video images are encoded at the level of a DVD with easier and faster editing functions. Also, it supports direct DVD or CD backups from the computer. Systematic and efficient management of acquired images and clips makes the work much easier and results in increased productivity in the hospital. Futhermore it is integrated with EMR for sharing the important images in the hospital.We designed and produced software called DMMS, and tested it in National Police Hospital.
keyword : Database, Image Enhancement, Endoscopes, Arthroscopes, Electronic Medical Record


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