UML(Unified Modeling Language)을 이용한 검체은행 관리시스템의 모델링에 관한 연구

정도범1), 강미애1), 이명희1), 강세나1), 서화정*2)

1)국립암센터 국가암관리사업지원평가연구단 암정보연구과
2)가천의과학대학교 보건대학원

Abstract : The development of IT brings about the change through personal life and/or whole industry, it is also trying to apply to the medical area. Especially, the storage and management of specimens is very important to bio-bank, and it is necessary to develop the system which manages specimens systematically. However, former researches based on the modeling to develop the system are too insufficient so far. Therefore, this research suggests the modeling of bio-bank management system using UML(Unified Modeling Language) to develop the system efficiently for the future.
keyword : Specimen, Bio-bank, Modeling, Bio-bank management system, UML


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