Finding Dose Responsiveness in Gene Expression Profile Exposed to Low Dose Radiation

Young-Ji, Na1), Young-Woo Jin2), Young-Ju, Lee3), Ju-Han Kim*4)

1)서울대학교 생명의료정보학교실
3)서울대학교 생명의료정보학교실
4)서울대학교 생명의료정보학교실

Abstract : There has been growing concern about hazardous effects caused by low dose ionizing radiation (IR). This concern is derived from the linear non threshold (LNT) hypothesis. The LNT means that the risk of a radiation increases in proportion to the dose, even in low doses. Functional insight into expression profiles is routinely obtained by using Gene Ontology(GO) terms associated to the cellular genes. In this paper, we deal with functional data mining from expression profiles, proposing an approach that studies the correlations between genes and their relations to GO terms. By using this functional correlations comparison we explore all possible pairs of genes identifying the affected biological processes.
keyword : low dose radiation, gene expression profile, mesenchymal stem cell, microarray, dose response, time effect


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