GEORetrieval: GEO Metadata를 이용한 Array 기반의 의생물학적 실험 검색 시스템

Yong Jung1), Yu Rang Park1), Ju Han Kim*1)

1)서울대학교 의과대학 생명의료정보학 연구실

Abstract : In completing Human Genome map, microarray technology, a powerful approach for genomics research, has been widely used. Due to an explosive increase of microarray data, systematic and organized management have been necessary. For that reason, a few public repositories for microarray ?Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), ArrayExpress, Stanford Microarray Database (SMD) and so on ?have been developed. Among them, GEO is the largest database and most biologists submit their own microarray experiment data to GEO. However, researchers have had difficulty in searching data that corresponds with their purpose by reason of the huge volume of GEO data. We developed a web application named GEORetrieval that provides appropriate GEO dataset as query result based on experimental condition. We localized all GEO metadata (Platform, Sample and Series) and obtained 2139 Platforms, 75878 Samples, and 3327 Series. This research is expected to prevent duplicate experiment and lay the foundation for meta analysis between biomedical experiments.
keyword : GEO, metadata, microarray experiment, information retrieval, biomedical experiment


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